“AI – Alien Introspection” Performance at “Steirischer Herbst” Contemporary Art Festival

Robot-Dance and Lecture-Performance “AI – Alien Introspection” is improvising a text structured after the diagram of a machine-learning system. In this way, the performance immerses its visitors in cultural ideas that are intended to open up new ways of understanding AI. Will it be different to the decadency of the every day murmuring about decay and last days of human kind?

Performance at “esc” media art laboratory as part of the parallel program
of the International Festival for Contemporary Art “Steirischer Herbst” on 25.9.2021. https://esc.mur.at/de/werk/ai-alien-introspection

AI – Alien Introspection 
Robot-Dance and Lecture-Performance

They have landed! Soon the aliens will be everywhere!
Contrary to what was expected, these aliens do not come from the vastness of outer space, but from the depths of human imagination: Artificial Intelligence – AI. 
The lecture performance dives into the obscure bubble of AI stories to subject these aliens to an introspection. Different topics are taken up through improvisations in dance, music and speech/text. In doing so, the performance researches narrations, grammars, poetries and images in order to re-imagine AI.

Alien Introspection is a topic dear to H.A.U.S. long term research on alterity, technological otherness.

Video still Eva-Maria Kraft performing with robot Machina (model Pepper) 25.9.2021.
Eva-Maria Kraft performing with, Darja Stoeva controlling robot Machina (model Pepper) 25.9.2021, photo Martin Gross.

H.A.U.S. people at the performance:

Choreographie, Tanz: Eva-Maria Kraft

Human-Robot Interaction: Darja Stoeva

Musik: Thomas A. Pichler in Koop mit Herbert Könighofer

Text: Christoph Hubatschke, Oliver Schürer

Textlesung, Konzept: Oliver Schürer