Roussel-Machine at Vienna Art Week / MATERIAL SILENCING

Topoi of Posthumanism at Vienna Art Week.

While in surrealism speakers took on the role of a medium between the imitation of nature and language symbolically / iconically, in posthumanism non-human beings and technologies become the indexical medium of speech.
Performative works by Ulla Rauter, Klaus Spiess und Oliver Schürer.

Ulla is making a river talk by means of AI.
The Roussel-Machine AI and Oliver improvising on the the becoming evident of meaning.
Rotraut together with Klaus will perform with the audience and a host of saliva bacteria processed with the bioreactor on site.

12/11/2021, 18—20h, Expositur Widerhofergasse 7, 1090 Wien
Registration required:

Roussel-Machine AI performing in disguise of G.A.I.A.; a collective audience performance at “vermögen” Media arts festival 2017.

Information on the Roussel-Machine, the artistic research on language and space that lea to it and it’s AI and application development here.