Hands – Hands made and become, Video clip with text published

A juxtaposition of text and video.

In a commissioned work for the Technical Museum Vienna, Oliver wrote a text about robot hands. This work is in the context of the current AI exhibition. Together with Eva (performance), Sebastian (video) and Thomas (music), he developed a video on human and robotic hands.

Video still from “Hände, gemachte und gewordene”

Robots are inanimate entities. Without stressing anthropomorphism, interpretations or projections – are there conditions for the possibility that robots could have a being-with us? The video discusses potential qualities of intra-action between humans and robots. Performatively, an aesthetic of the fragmented unity of hands that have become and hands that have been made, as parts of a living body or technical body, is outlined.


Video “Hände, gemachte und gewordene” – “Hands – made and become.”

Choreographie und Performance: Eva-Maria Kraft
Robotersteuerung: Darja Stoeva
Musik: Thomas A. Pichler
Konzept, Montage: Oliver Schürer
DOP, Grading: Sebastian Weissinger
Roboter: Machina, Modell Pepper

Video still from “Hände, gemachte und gewordene”