youAI-I3-02; a performance to improvise with our improv-AI at Switzerland, Burgbachkeller at 2024.04.27

Center Eva-Maria Kraft performing with robot Amber, right Darja Stoeva, left Oliver Schürer.

youAI lecture performance

YOU are one living being among the many other entities that together make up an artificial intelligence system (AI). YOUR behavior in the digital media determines which characteristics such an AI is trained to have. But that’s not even half the story: Who is training whom? Who is adapting? 

On stage: a dancer, an engineer, a speaker, a humanoid robot, and the improv-AI.

DANCR-tool with our improvAI

In a 2-year research project, H.A.U.S. developed an AI system called DANCR from the very bottom up. DANCR enables a human dancer to improvise in contemporary dance with a humanoid robot. The recently published book youAI reports on this artistic-scientific research. In the performance, DANCR uses an AI model that was radically individualized by the dancer herself – youAI-I3-02.

DANCR-AI is a tool to improvise contemporary dance and develop choreographies with artificial intelligences we developed, especially for contemporary dance. DANCR-AI enables a new and original way of artistic-performative and scientific work with humans, abstractions of humans, and/or humanoid robots (physical and virtual).

Center Eva-Maria Kraft improvising with robot Amber, right Darja Stoeva, left Oliver Schürer.

On stage

Dance, improvisation and movement, human side: Eva-Maria Kraft

Engineering: Darja Stoeva

Lecturing: Oliver Schürer

Improvisation, technology side: improvAI from the DANCR-tool

Motion, machine side: Robot Machina

Credits dance and word performance youAI

Concept, Artistic Direction: Eva-Maria Kraft, Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

Text, textbook, audience dialog: Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

DANCR development AI: Johann Petrak (OFAI), Brigitte Krenn (OFAI), Sridhar Bulusu

HRI development: Darja Stoeva, Clara Haider, Helena Frijns 

Music: Rupert Huber, Thomas A. Pichler