> upcoming: youAI – train, adapt, perform

a dance-and-word performance @ imagetanz festival 2023

To generate data for training artificial intelligences, digital machines measure us humans. But with every click, like or selfie, Artificial Intelligence (AI) also trains us. In youAI, the transdisciplinary research group H.A.U.S. investigates the current equalization frenzy between humans and machines. At the intersection of technology, words and contemporary dance, the performance addresses the newly emerging human-machine relationship: training.

4 dancers, 1 actress, 2 engineers, 2 robots.

As part of the performance, H.A.U.S. invites the audience to a dialogue. With changing experts from the fields of AI, robotics, society and art, H.A.U.S. and the audience will delve into the many topics dealt with in the piece.

Festival program brut theater https://brut-wien.at/de/Programm/Kalender/Programm-2023/03/H.A.U.S
Teaser ©Michael Loizenbauer
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Eva-Maria Kraft dancer, robot Machina ©Michael Loizenbauer


Premiere Fri. 17.3.2023, 20:00 – Performance

You, Society and AI – Talk
Brigitte Krenn (OFAI, artificial intelligence research)Michaela Pfadenhauer (Universtiät Wien, Soziologie),Oliver Schürer, Eva-Maria Kraft, Christoph Hubatschke.

Sat. 18.3.2023, 20:00 – Performance

You, Arts and AI – Talk
Margarete Jahrmann (Die Angewandte, arts-based research), Jesse de Pagter (Science and technology studies, curator), Oliver Schürer, Eva-Maria Kraft, Christoph Hubatschke.

Sun. 19.3.2023, 20:00 – Performance

You, Robots and AI – Talk
Christopher Frauenberger (Universität Salzburg, human-computer interaction), Darja Stoeva (Technische Universität Wien, human-robot interaction), Oliver Schürer, Eva-Maria Kraft, Christoph Hubatschke.

Eva-Maria Kraft dancer, robot Machina, Linda Pichler actor ©Michael Loizenbauer

On stage

Choreographie, Tanz: Eva-Maria Kraft

Schauspielerin: Linda Pichler

Trainees: Florian Decker, Simeon Ohlsen, Céline Weigt

Technische Supervision, Human-Robot-Interaction: Maria Mußner, Darja Stoeva

2 Humanoide Roboter Modell Pepper


Concept, Artistic Direction: Eva-Maria Kraft, Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

Text, textbook, audience dialog: Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

DANCR development AI: Johann Petrak (OFAI), Brigitte Krenn (OFAI), Sridhar Bulusu

youAI development AI: Sridhar Bulusu

Stageing AI: Oliver Schürer

HRI development: Darja Stoeva, Clara Haider, Helena Frijns 

Video, documentation: Michael Loizenbauer

Light: Jon Maier

Music: Rupert Huber, Thomas A. Pichler

Dramaturgical consulting: Nikolaus Selimov

Production: Eva-Maria Kraft

Eine Koproduktion von H.A.U.S. und brut Wien. 

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und des BMKÖS.

The credo of societal flexibility demands continuous adaptation, increased efficiency, and uniformity, which in turn themselves demand training. On the one hand, this means actively adapting human bodies and mindsets – internalizing, conditioning and making them proficient. On the other hand, in relation to artificial intelligences, training also means forming, proving and predicting patterns. Arbitrary standardizations and the training of all kinds of prejudices, biases, are the results of these forms of training. The ubiquitous use of artificial intelligences not only reproduces these discriminations, it reinforces them. And what doesn’t fit is made to fit. youAI addresses the usually ignored material aspects of artificial intelligences as well as their entanglements with bodies and movements. The piece explores possibilities for a different AI and experiments with training processes at the intersection of technology, words and dance. 

Eva-Maria Kraft, robot Machina ©Michael Loizenbauer