Oliver interviewed by ORF, Austria’s federal broadcasting corporation

Oliver got interviewed by Leonie Markovics from the ORF at the Technisches Museum Wien (Museum of Technology Vienna).

An article and a video had been produced to accompany the TV station’s broadcasting of the documentary “Artificial Intelligence, Frankenstein’s heirs.” They interviewed some experts on their view of a very specific, jet fictional entity. The topic of robots and artificial intelligence was related to the original story of Frankenstein as it has been conceived by Mary Shelley. In the video they show some scenes form H.A.U.S. dance-performances.

Article and Video at the ORF website.

ORF Interview at Technisches Museum Wien, 5.11.2020 (Video-still “Frankensteins Erben” by ORF)
Eva-Maria Kraft tanzt mit zwei humanoiden Robotern “Ningyō-buri” im Volkstheater Wien, Mai 2019 (Video-still “Frankensteins Erben” by ORF)