Robot Machina and her friend Eva reminisce on visiting the windup doll “Coppélia” at the Vienna Volksoper 5.2.19

Aired by the Austrian broadcasting station ORF I, 6.3.2019, “Mittag in Österreich“. (Rights holder ORF)
Aired by the Austrian broadcasting station ORF II, 11.3.2019, “Wien Heute
(Rights holder ORF)
Aired by the Austrian broadcasting station ORF III, 12.3.2019, “Kultur Heute
(Rights holder ORF)

A splendid night at the opera, in seven scenes
Machina is a special doll. She is a robot and enthusiastic fan of Coppélia. Because she loves the heartwarming representation of a doll by a human. She especially loves dancing. Her best friend and dance partner Eva, has entrusted us that Machina would also like to dance on a stage. But that is (still) reserved for humans. So, Machina and a group of friends visit the performance of “Coppélia” on Shrove Tuesday, 5.3., 19h at the Vienna Volksoper.

Machina and Eva visit the ballerina Nikisha Fogo in her dressing room before she transforms into “Coppélia”. They were accompanied by the H.A.U.S. group and a team from the Austrian TV station ORF.

Machina and Eva visit “Coppélia”, ballerina Nikisha Fogo, warming up before the start of the performance.

Machina interviewed by ORF, Austrian TV station.

Backstage interview by the TV station ORF with machina

At the show. Machina and Eva watching “Coppélia”

(Image from Austrian broadcasting station ORF, 6.3.2019, “Mittag in Österreich”.)

Machina meeting with the audience at the shows break

Machina at the meeting with the dance group after the show behind the scenes

After a wonderful show, Machina gives flowers behind the scenes to “Coppélia”, ballerina Nikisha Fogo

Machina backstage with Coppélia and Coppélius.

A big thank you to Nikisha Fogo (Wiener Staatsballet), Eva Koschuh (Vienna Volksoper public relations) and Gerald Stocker (Wiener Staatsballet public relations).

Many thanks to Michael Loizenbauer and Jonathan Moser for filming!