Womens Day performance @ Austrian parliament with DANCR-AI

Performance in the Columned Hall of Parliament, at the invitation of the second President of the National Council, Doris Bures.

Dance-performance celebrating Womens Day 2024

The two goddesses, Athena and Nike, depicted as statues in front of the parliament stand for feminist values. They are colored in white and gold and thus express clarity and eternity:
Athena is often seen as a symbol of female strength, wisdom, and independence. She embodies the ability to overcome challenges and stand up for equality and self-determination.
Nike is often seen as a symbol of female strength, empowerment, and victory. She expresses that women are able to overcome obstacles, raise their voices, and bring about positive change. 

Different feminist movements interpret and apply the meanings in different ways. The symbolic meanings of the two goddesses highlight the inherent complexity of contemporary feminism. While one side of the meanings such as strength, wisdom, and independence are positively emphasized, virginity, warlike attitudes, and the fact that both goddesses are also members of a patriarchal power structure are criticized at the same time.

The performance abstracts the contemporary discussion lines as dance improvisation with the DANCR-AI. Performatively, the sculptural rigidity of symbolism is dissolved in lively movement. The dance subtly improvises against the patriarchal hardening of power relations.

The DANCR AI was invented to create variations and alternatives of movements – in real-time improvisation. Because as a society we have only just begun to learn to improvise with these technologies.

Zweite Nationalratspräsidentin Doris Bures mit Veranstaltungsteilnehmer:innen

On the stage: 

Dance improvisation, human: Lisa Kallage 

Robot, AI Supervision: Clara Haider

Robot, AI Supervision, Assistance: Larissa Quaschning 

Technical dance improvisation: DANCR-AI 

Dance improvisation, machine: Robot Machina 

Music by Thomas A. Pichler