Performance youAI-I3-01 @ improper walls gallery

With this first performance after the youAI premiere we start to scrutinize and fine-tune our AI models for further development to unfold human-humanoid motion potential.

youAI-I3-01 A is a word and dance performance. It’s discussing the training of so-called artificial intelligence systems. Our behavior in digital media is being used to train AI’s ever more precisely, sometimes subtly, sometimes quite obviously.

Hybridizing human intuition and the AI protocol:
On stage a dancer, an actress, an engineer, the robot, and the AI. Who is leading, and who is following? Could human intuition and machine protocol turn into one flow?

youAI-I3-01 @ improper walls gallery. Dancer Eva-Maria Kraft, Actor Linda Pichler, Engineer Darja Stoeva, Talk Oliver Schürer (Video by Milos Vucicevic, Music by Rupert Huber)
Poster to Performance youAI-I3-01 @ improper walls gallery

Dancer Eva-Maria Kraft and robot Machina (all photos by Milos Vucicevic)
Oliver Schürer on motion and AI – human intuition and machine protocol.
Darja Stoeva, Linda Pichler, Eva-Maria Kraft, Oliver Schürer

Friday, April 28, 2023, 7 pm at IMPROPER WALLS gallery (address)

On stage

Choreographie, Tanz: Eva-Maria Kraft

Schauspielerin: Linda Pichler

Discourse: Oliver Schürer

Technische Supervision, Human-Robot-Interaction, AI control: Darja Stoeva

a Humanoide Roboter Modell Pepper


Concept, Artistic Direction: Eva-Maria Kraft, Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

Text, textbook, audience dialog: Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke

DANCR development AI: Johann Petrak (OFAI), Brigitte Krenn (OFAI), Sridhar Bulusu

HRI development: Darja Stoeva, Clara Haider, Helena Frijns 

Music: Rupert Huber, Thomas A. Pichler

The performance youAI was produced in a coproduction by H.A.U.S. and brut Vienna. 

With the kind support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the BMKÖS.