postponed due to covid 19 > Lecture and performance at the Folkwang Museum

Both events are postponed.
We are looking forward to continue!

The evening before Eva-Maria and Oliver had talked to the curator on the phone to clarify whether the lecture and performance would take place. At that time it was still certain that the events would take place. But when they where arriving at the Folkwang Museum they learned that all German Museums are closed from now on. That same evening, the imminent closures of the borders were announced. So they had to hurry to get back.

Many thanks to the Kurtors Peter Daners and Annika Schank, as well as Director Peter Gorschlüter for hospitality and help in this tricky situation!!

Performance in “Interventions during the exhibition period.”
Lecture in “Finissage-weekend to exhibition ‘The Assembled Human.'”

Empty streets in the city of Essen, next to the Folkwang Museum.
Museum closed, no visitors at the entrance.
Our lecture and performance venue, Karl Ernst Osthaus Hall. An audience is currently not allowed.