H.A.U.S. research on TV, at the public station ORF aired April 30, 2018

The ORF crew had filmed our research for 5 hours. We knew that the outcome would contribute a few minutes in to the program. Hence we where very exited to see what will be on TV.

It turned out to be some nice 7 minutes on robots, AI and questions on what they might bring about. something like 3 minutes showed H.A.U.S. Program title “Träumt Pepper von Sophia?”, see clip below.

In our opinion, the emphasis of the parts taken for the program, had been put a bit too pessimistic. We do not fear an uncertain future. Uncertainty is what future is about. We humans are to make the future. But what makes us feel uncomfortable is that some producers show there androids in media as if they were sentient.

Some stills taken from the program. In order of appearance, Matthias, Oliver, Chris playing the Architectural Space-Game with Machina, and Sarah Rogaunig ORF interviewing Machina (model pepper).







Clip from “Träumt Pepper von Sophia?” First part of “KulturMontag,” an ORF cultural program, April 30, 2018. (Redaktion Sarah Rogaunig, Harald Wilde. Rights holder ORF)