“Cultural Spaces and Humanoid (S)Care” publication at the Frontiers in “Artificial Intelligence and Application” Series

The workshop “Cultural Spaces and Humanoid (S)Care” had been held at the at the ROBO-Philosophy conference 2018 Conference „Envisioning Robots in Society—Politics, Power, and Public Space“ 14-17.2.2018


Abstract workshop
Humanoid robots will become socio-cultural actors in cultural spaces— always already transgressing thresholds between culturally conditioned public, semiprivate, private and intimate spaces. How human-like should a humanoid be? Could a functional equivalent to phronēsis be programed into machines? How can we think relationships with those new artifacts in cultural spaces? Could we provide common ground to share cultural space with humanoid robots?

Bibliography: M. Coeckelbergh J. Loh, M. Funk, J. Seibt, M. Nørskov (eds.). 2018. Envisioning Robots in Society –Power, Politics, and Public Space, Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2018 / TRANSOR 2018,Series; Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, IOS Press, Amsterdam.

February 14–17, 2018, University of Vienna, Austria

ISBN 978-1-61499-930-0 (print)

ISBN 978-1-61499-931-7 (online)