Dance performance “Ningyō Jōruri” at the “Kre:π” performance art festival



dance performance at the “bastion” in the city of banska bystrica, 1.9. photo by hamzik castro.
Ningyō Jōruri

“Kre:π” performance art festival, banska bystrica, slovakia, 30.8.-2.9.2018

eva danced with machina, it was a great success!

see a first preview clip:

many thanks to the great and interested audience, especially for sharing you thoughs with us in the interview!

special thanks to the “Kre:π” people for the hospitality, to thomasJ for precise and generous curation, and everybody at the zahrada cultural center for the wonderful days there! 

more to come soon. (videos, images and story)

Transdisciplinary Research Group H.A.U.S.
(Dance Performance & Choreo – Eva Maria Kraft,
Robot Programming Christoph Müller,
Scientific & Artistic Direction – Oliver Schürer)
Delighted To Cooperate With
Performing Direction, Dramaturgy & Set – Thomas J. Jelinek
Soundscapes & Music Composition – Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Multimedia – Peter Koger